KKC Duogrip Tikka T3/T3x

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KKC DuoGrip® combines the best of two worlds by offering both thumbhole and regular grip in the same stock! This gives you several advantages compared to a conventional thumbhole stock such as perfect grip in any shooting position, easy access to the safety without letting go of the grip and a faster follow up shot once reloaded as you are not forced to go back into the thumbhole.

DuoGrip® weight starts at approx.. 1 kg depending on which action it is milled for.

LOP (length of pull) is adjustable from 33,9-35,5 cm. Additional spacer set is available with 2 spacers that increases LOP with 0.8 cm each up to a maximum LOP of 37,1 cm.
DuoGrip® is a bit shorter than Hunting and has a slimmer forend. The rear stock is higher which makes for an even more straight recoil increasing the already exceptional long range capabilities.
The all new cheek piece system E-flex® with adjustable height and angle even let you adjust the comb back and forth to secure maximum cheek support in any position. The tool-less design also gives you the advantage to release the comb to remove and reinstall the bolt without changing the height and angle settings. “

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